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This is the Tomoquads Kosho build tutorial video.
The kosho is a 64mm brushless tiny whoop on 1s that is a true game changer in this quad class!
I also put in some soldering tips since that was requested by my viewers.
We also take a look at what makes this nano brushless quadcopter stand out above the rest, which is Tomoshimei's floating flight controller design!
I hope this video helps anyone building the Kosho and if you have any questions, please subscribe to the channel and leave a comment.
I will do my best to help you as best I can.
United States based company, TomoQuads, has announced that its newest design named the "Kosho" is now available for preorder.
After extensive testing with different frame sizes and designs, Tomo (Tomoshimei Ki Tata) has finally released his revolutionary Kosho design into the world of nano brushless quads.
The Kosho is a 64mm-sized nano quad that takes advantage of the newly available 16 x16 flight controller created by Fishpepper.
Using a four-in-one esc and powered by revolutionarily small BR0703 brushless motors, the Kosho weighs in with a 32g AUW carrying a 200mah 1S lipo.
This AUW enables the Kosho to produce remarkable power, speed, and agility that has not previously been seen in the brushless 1s platform.
A properly assembled Kosho is extremely stable in the air with little to no drifting, even when flown on angle or horizon auto leveling modes.
These characteristics allow the Kosho to deliver an amazing flight experience for both beginners and experienced tiny whoop pilots that are ready to move into the brushless whoop era.
The remarkable stability of the Kosho comes from Tomoquad's brilliantly designed soft-mount called, "The Floating FC Design."
As many nano quad builders out there can attest, vibration is the number one problem faced in nano quad builds. The motors are mounted too close to the FC, causing the FC's gyro to work extra hard to filter out these unwanted vibrations.
These vibrations are one of the main reasons most nano quads are prone to drift and have decreased flight times.
Until now, with the release of Tomo's Floating FC Design, we have previously only seen so called soft-mount designs that use screws and standoffs, which pass through the frame and flight controller.
Those designs are not effective in filtering the troublesome vibrations.
The Tomoquad's Floating FC Design revolutionizes the mounting of the flight controller, thus protecting it from the vibrations of a nano-sized frame.
Tomo's design filters out all high frequency vibrations produced by the motors and props, thus making the Kosho incredibly stable in the air. This implemental feature gives the Kosho its excellent flight characteristics.
The TomoQuad's Kosho can be preordered at 
A special Big Thanks goes out to Martin Galway for letting me use his music in the background!
The music is from back in the C64 gaming days on a game called Wizball.
Martin Galway is a legendary composser of game music from back then.
I am honored to be able to feature some his music in this and upcoming reviews!
If you would like to get some if his music it can be found here at /
Parts list:
TOMOQUADS Kosho kit:
To support the original designer of the fc and esc go here:
Flight controller :Racerstar F3D8 16X16mm Micro F3 Flight Control Board Built-in 8CH SBUS Receiver for Frsky X9D Plus
Esc 4 in 1: 1.35g 16x16mm Racerstar Star4 4A 1S Blheli_S D-Shot 600 Ready 4 in 1 ESC Support Oneshot Multishot
Motors : 4X Racerstar Racing Edition 0703 BR0703 15000KV 1-2S Brushless Motor For 60 80 100 FPV Racer 1.9g
Best of luck and happy flights!
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