Voltage Divider Calculator

Voltage Divider Calculator

How do I select the best set of resistors for a voltage divider?

Use the Javascript calculator below:

Enter Input Voltage:
Enter Desired Output Voltage:
Select Resistor Sequence:
Select Resistor Scale (Ohms):
Resistor 1 (Ohms)Resistor 2 (Ohms)
Actual Output Voltage:
Error (%):

Voltage Divider / Non-Inverting Attenuator


  1. Calculator version 3, 5-2-2003.
  2. Javascript compatibility: IE6+, Netscape 6+, Mozilla 1.3+, Opera 7+.
  3. Different sets of resistor values may lead to the same identical lowest error. Up to 10 sets of resistors may be presented, or as few as one. More than 10 sets of resistors may produce the same lowest error, but only the first 10 will be presented. All will produce identical lowest error when used.
  4. Quantization errors in resistor values are inherent to Javascript. Instead of using advanced Javascript functions that would make the script incompatible with older browsers, I elected to leave the quantization errors. Results should be interpreted to the nearest standard value when a quantization error appears.

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