AR5202-X Integrated Multifunction Compatible Mini Receiver for Frsky DSMX DMS2 FUTABA SFHSS FrSky D8 - 23.00 €

AR5202-X Integrated Multifunction Compatible Mini Receiver for Frsky DSMX DMS2 FUTABA SFHSS FrSky D8
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AR5202-X Integrated Multifunction Compatible Mini Receiver for Frsky DSMX DMS2 FUTABA SFHSS FrSky D8

AR5202-X is a kind of highly integrated receiver, it is integrated 4A brushless ESC, a compatible receiver, SR3X 3-axis, DCDC-5V/2A power, it is very helpful for DIY or rebuilding model airplanes weight between 60-160g.

Item number: AR5202-X
Item name: Integrated Multifunction Compatible Receiver

Working voltage: 7.4V-11.2V
Size: 32.8*30*8.5mm
Mode: DSMX/DSM2, Futaba SFHSS, Frsky D8

* Integrated 4A brushless ESC (Max current 6A/5S).
* Integrated SR3X 3-axis( can be shut off, sensitive adjustable).
* Integrated compatible receiver (A1:DSMX/2; B1:SFHSS; B2: FRSKY-D8).
* Integrated DCDC-5V/2A power.
* Supports online updating.

Hardware :
Version A is DSMX/2 compatible; Version B is SFHSS or FRSKY-D8 compatible, besides, LNA and PA were added onto RF hardware to achieve longer working range and improvement of data returning. Version C is FlySky AFHDS or AFHDS-2A compatible.
The integrated DCDC-5V/2A power can connect analog video transmitter and camera for power supply, in this way, you can change the traditional model plane to FPV model plane easily.
Binding operation:
Press the binding button when AR5202-X is powered, after 2 seconds, the slow flashing red LED turns to fast flashing, it indicates binding mode is entered, customer can bind the receiver according to your transmitter manual, the red LED will turn to solid bright once the binding is succeed.
Function and operation for SR3X 3-axis:
SR3X is a flight assistance system developed specially on fixed wing model airplanes. It can not only help the beginner control model airplane, but also help the senior pilots get better and stable flight attitude.
SR3X 3-axis gets three working modes: shut off; low sensitive working mode, high sensitive working mode. Customer can set up CH5 on the 3-gear switch of the transmitter through which decides its working mode. The blue LED on AR5202 is for indicating the working mode: 1) blue LED light is shut off indicates SR3X 3-axis is turned off. 2) Solid bright blue LED indicates low sensitive mode. 3) blinking LED indicates high sensitive mode.
EXT Equipment port:
EXT Equipment port is multi-functional: 1) firmware updating/function set up; 2) output CH5 signal; 3) output SBUS signal; 4) Bypass working mode port;
Related order for set up: please check the related manual (on working)
AR5202-X is for model airplanes weigh between 50g-160g, the max working current for its onboard ESC should be less than 6A, max working voltage should be less than 14V(2-3S lipo is recommended)

Package Included:
1x AR5202-X Integrated Multifunction Compatible Mini Receiver

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