BC-3S10 2S/3S DC Li-lon Battery Balance Charger for RC Models - 9.00 €

BC-3S10 2S/3S DC Li-lon Battery Balance Charger for RC Models
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Battery type: Li-lon/Li-poly
Charging current: 1000mA
Balance accurary: 10 mV
Input voltage/current: DC 9V-15V DC 1.5A
Charging output current: 1A
Output voltage range and accuracy: 4.20V ±1% (4.16-4.24V)
Ambient temperature: 0°C--55°C
12 bit micro processor
Instructions for use:
1. The adaptable battery: 2 string, 3 string lithium battery, balanced charge interface,
the two groups of batteries can not be accessed at the same time
2. Charging method: balance and charge the power, the POWER indicator (near the output socket) light indicates that the power input is normal;
The battery is connected to the balanced charge and charge interface. The CHARGE indicator is on to indicate that the battery is charging.
The CHARGER indicator is off to indicate that the charge is complete.When the battery is not connected, the green indicator is off
3. Charging: balance the discharge control principle, the first constant current constant voltage charging, trickle after,
the series of each cell can be sufficient but the charge, effectively guarantee the quality of the charging, improve the service life of lithium batteries
4. AC input to use the original manufacturer or approved adapter, otherwise not warranty
5. Note: Please note that the use of car repair charge, be sure to use the on-board voltage of 12V, do not use the battery in the truck 24V,
otherwise it will damage the balance of charge or even dangerous

Package included:
1 x BC-3S10 2S/3S DC Li-lon Battery Balance Charger for RC Models

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