FYLO EDU Educational Programming Formation Drone With Scrath & Python Dual Programming Full Color LED Light 10PCS Drone - 7 199.00 €

FYLO EDU Educational Programming Formation Drone With Scrath & Python Dual Programming Full Color LED Light 10PCS Drone
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FYLO EDU Educational Programming Formation Drone With Scrath & Python Dual Programming Full Color LED Light 10PCS Drone


AircraftSignal Effective Distance<10m
Size208*208*88 mm
Net Weight190g including batteries and propellers
Location Speed<1s
Maximum Inclination Angle3°
Maximum Ascend Speed1m/s
Maximum Descend Speed1m/s
Maximum Horizontal Flight Speed2m/s
Maximum Relative Altitude<8m/s
Maximum Wind Speed5m/s
Minimum Flight Distance0.5m
Minimum Ground Take off Space0.5m
Location ModeWireless Positioning System
Flight Time13min. (Float with no wind)
Suggested Show Time3~5 min.
Shortest Preparation Time30min.
Chromatic Number1677 W True Color
LED Effect Light5W
Rated Power<18W
Battery TypePolymer
Battery Weight65g
Working Environment Temperature-10°C to 60°C
Storage Environment TemperatureStorage Time less than 6 months 18°C to 28°C
APPMobile Device System VersionIOS 8.0 or later, Andriod 4.1.2 or later
Supported Mobile DeviceCompatible with IOS and Andriod phones


1. No need GPS, 4pcs base station shall using for presicing positioning

2. Using repeater for signal transmitting, no need to worry about signal inteference


3. Using vision and air pressure position to get precise flight height

4. Small aircraft, each 190g only5. Colorful LED light


1. Different stage performance.

2. Replace firework, (Fire-work is one time use, environmental pollution, High Cost)

3. Replace LED screen show, (LED screen cost high, only 2D performance, Drone show is 3D)

4. Shows, events, warming up, eremony, anniversary celebration, shopping mall, exihibition, amusement park

5. School Education

Package Included:

Base Station4pcs
Storage Carrying Case1pcs
Spare Propellers40pcs
Spare Screws80pcs
USB to Type-C data cable1pcs
Type-C data cable1pcs


1. Drone Free Patterns

Includes pre-programmed shows. You only need to click START on APP. No need userprogramming.

2. Kits combination

There are 4pcs drone show, 8pcs, 10pcs, 16pcs, 20pcs.....You can easily combine 2 kits for 16pcs or 20pcs drone show.

3. How to operate Fylo

>>> a. Download APP

>>> b. Register

>>> c. Confirm the performance-stage avalable dimension (L, W, H)

>>> d. Select suitable patterns. Then APP shows you how to locating Base Station and drones.

>>> e. Put the 4pcs base station and drones accordingly.

>>> f. Cellphone APP Connecting with Base station Wifi

>>> g. Double check base station location and range on APP

>>> h. Flying test

>>> i. Click Start button on APP to start drone swarming show

>>> j. End show

4. Flying Range

As all patterns are pre-programmed, so according to drone flight route, we shall have confirmed drone flying range(W*L*H). you only need to select the patterns which requested range is smaller then your performance stage.

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