GEPRC Mark 1 210mm 4mm Arm Thickness Frame Kit w/PDB/BEC - 49.90 €

GEPRC Mark 1 210mm 4mm Arm Thickness Frame Kit w/PDB/BEC
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GEPRC Mark 1 210mm 4mm Arm Thickness Frame Kit w/PDB/BEC

Product Description

New GEP – Mark 1 is a multifaceted perfect FPV four axis fly frame, with high performance of Freestyle flying and excellent ability of racing.

The fuselage design, on the structure are X, we designed the machine arm isn’t completely symmetrical. This is without changing the X structure, strengthen the fuselage hardness more effective. Benefit more than the fuselage streamline design, machine arm type is curve, the thickness is 4 mm, 13.7 mm, the narrowest maximize location is in the air volume. The scheme of motor three screw holes are fixed premises without loss of motor and the machine arm, enhance hardness of motor fixed position. The current problem of fission machine machine arm is easy to loose, we will spell schematic design to join, this interlocking, effectively reduce loose problem between the machine arm. Use high quality aluminum fuselage central fixed position, ensure the body strong. Roof thickness is 3 mm, more durable. And roof is streamlined design, so the middle period of narrow, reduce resistance.

Lenses can be adapted Hs1177 Hs1190, swift, OWL Plus most of the lens. 3 mm thick roof, there are multiple levels of jack, can fit a variety of high-definition cameras installed. You need some EVA sponge to house their cameras.

Brand Name: GEPRC
Model: Mark 1
Item Name: 210mm Frame Kit
Wheelbase: 210mm
Arm Thickness: 4mm
Thickness of Top Plate: 3mm
Thickness of Middle Plate: 1.5mm
Thickness of Bottom Plate: 2mm
Thickness of Side Plate: 2mm
Weight: 100g

-High strength 3K carbon board to ensure that the frame is strong
-Top thickness by 3mm, more durable
-Fission structure of schemata
-With 35mm fuselage space, enough space for players to choose electronic products
-Use 12.9 YFS screw
-High quality CNC fixed aluminum
-Streamlined fuselage design
-With a PDB, with BEC (5/12A output, maximum 3A, maximum 500mA)

Recommend Parts (Not Included):
Flight Controller: F3 Naze32 CC3D
Motor: 2204/2205/2206/2305/2306
ESC: 20A-30A
Propeller: 5 inch
Battery: 3S 1300mAh ~ 4S 1300mAh
Camera: Runcam Swift

The Following spare parts are suitable:
NAZE32 F3 Flight Controller Acro 6 DOF/Deluxe 10 DOF
2204 2300KV CW CCW Motor
Runcam Swift 600TVL DC 5 to 17V Horizontal Fov 90 Mini FPV PAL Camera
20A BB2 48MHz Blheli_S 2-4S 4 in 1 Opto ESC
Kingkong 5x4x4 5040 5 Inch 4-Blade Propeller
3S 1300mah 30C Li-po Battery

Package Included:
1*210mm Frame Kit

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