Hand Launch Throwing 2.4G 360° Hoverblade RC UFO Flying Saucer Boomerang Drone Toy with LED - 8.00 €

Hand Launch Throwing 2.4G 360° Hoverblade RC UFO Flying Saucer Boomerang Drone Toy with LED
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Hand Launch Throwing 360° Hoverblade RC UFO Flying Saucer Boomerang Drones Toy with LED


Item: Flying Saucer

Material: soft foam and plastic
Frequency: 2.4G
Control: remote control
Colour: Blue/Red (Optional)
Control distance: 50m
Flying duration time: 5~7 minutes
Bontroller Power: 4 x 1.5 AA battery (not included)
Size: 230mm x 29mm x 230mm

* 2.4g remote control technology, selected specific frequency band signal, having a stronger anti-interference ability and ability to control the transport distance, fast reaction speed.
* Fuselage with foam material manufacturing engineering, will not damage the furniture and children, safer fun.
* Excellent use of silicone boomerang dart surface of a triangular shape to reduce drag, the use of tension and shape features generated by the edge of the roundabout, make Boomerang produce good rigidity, not easy to deformation flight around the fold and so on, have a good flight performance.
* Use of environmentally friendly materials,body is made of EVA foam material, so that the aircraft more compression and drop features.
* Play diverse, wing loading two LED lights glare, allowing night flight more beautiful, more heads.
* Compact design and easy to use, precise positioning feature can enhance interactive fun and confidence.Suitable for beach or outdoor playing.

Package included:
1 x flying saucer
1 x remote control

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