Hobbywing 2S-3S 40A Brushless ESC+2440 4600KV Brushless Motor RC Boat Parts - 46.00 €

Hobbywing 2S-3S 40A Brushless ESC+2440 4600KV Brushless Motor RC Boat Parts
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Mounting hole inner diameter: 2.5m screw hole (with brush 380)
2440 Brushless Motor 4 Pole Mounting holes are identical for 380 brushed motors (but not for 380 motor radiators).
This motor and ESC can be mounted with a 380 brush motor. Compared with the same size 2 pole motor, the heat is lower, the torque is stronger, the low speed linear is better, the power is saved, and the power is more than 80%.
40A Hobbywing water and cold electricity
Hobbywing haiwang 40A ship water-cooled two-way ESC
100% Brand new !
Motor end banana plug: 3.5mm
Battery end plug: T plug
The plug has been soldered and it is waterproof and can be used directly.
Can be used in the flywheel 012 009 to change the brushless ESC wind rescue boat ESC Haoying 40A-V2 marine ESC.
Support voltage: 2S - 3S Li battery
Volume: 74*25*14.5mm
Water cooling nozzle outer diameter: 4mm
Use connecting pipe size: 3x5mm
Weight: 46g
Motor water cooling
24mm water
1. Water-cooled sleeve inner diameter: 24mm, suitable for 24mm outer diameter brushless motor, such as 2435, 2440, 2445 brushless motor
2, length: 29mm
3, copper mouth outer diameter: 3.86mm
4, outer diameter: 29mm

Package included:
1x Motor
1x ESC

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