HolyBro 3DR Pixhawk Mini Flight Controller & Micro M8N GPS & Micro OSD & 433MHZ Telemetry Module - 120.00 €

HolyBro 3DR Pixhawk Mini Flight Controller & Micro M8N GPS & Micro OSD & 433MHZ Telemetry Module
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HolyBro Pixhawk Mini Flight Controller & 3DR Micro M8N GPS & Micro OSD & 433MHZ Telemetry Module


The 3DR Pixhawk Mini autopilot is a next-generation evolution of the Pixhawk. It is about 1/3rd the size of the original Pixhawk
and has more powerful processors and sensors.
The Pixhawk Mini is based on the PX4 open-hardware project and has been optimized for the PX4 flight stack.

Brand Name: HolyBro
Item Name: 3DR Pixhawk Mini Autopilot & Micro M8N GPS Built-in Compass & PDB Board
Main Processor: STM32F427 Rev 3
IO Processor: STM32F103
Accel/ Gyro/ Mag: MPU9250
Accel/ Gyro: ICM20608
Barometer: MS5611
Power Module Output: 4.1-5.5V
Max Input Voltage: 45V (10S LiPo)
Max Current Sensing: 90A
USB Power Input: 4.1-5.5V
Servo Rail Input: 0-10V
Dimensions: 38x43x12mm
Weight: 15.8g

- 1 x UART Serial Port (for GPS)
- Spektrum DSM/ DSM2/ DSM-X Satellite Compatible RC input
- Futaba SBUS Compatible RC input
- PPM Sum Signal RC Input
- I2C (for digital sensors)
- CAN (for digital motor control with compatible controllers)
- ADC (for analog sensors)
- Micro USB Port

GPS Module (Built-in Compass HMC5983):
- Based on the uBlox M8N,
- Concurrent reception of up to 3 GNSS (GPS, Galileo, GLONASS, BeiDou)
- Industry leading –167 dBm navigation sensitivity
- Security and integrity protection
- Supports all satellite augmentation systems
- Advanced jamming and spoofing detection
- Product variants to meet performance and cost requirements
Size: 37x37x12mm
Weight: 22.4g

433 MHz Telemetry Module:
- 6-position Molex connector
- 100 mW maximum output power (adjustable)
-117 dBm receive sensitivity
- SMA connector
2-way full-duplex communication through adaptive TDM
UART interface
Transparent serial link
MAVLink protocol framing
Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS)
Configurable duty cycle
Error correction corrects up to 25% of bit errors
Open-source SIK firmware
Configurable through Mission Planner and APM Planner
Supply voltage: 3.7-6 VDC (from USB or DF13 connector)
Transmit current: 100 mA at 20 dBm
Receive current: 25 mA
Serial interface: 3.3 V UART

Pacakage Included:
1x 3DR Pixhawk Mini
1x GPS Module
1x PDB Board
1x OSD Module
1x 433MHZ Telemetry
1x bag of cables
1x XT60 Connector

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