INSIGHT 5G 100mW/200mW 1080P Full HD Digital FPV Wireless Video Transmitter Receiver Combo w/ OSD - 261.00 €

INSIGHT 5G 100mW/200mW 1080P Full HD Digital FPV Wireless Video Transmitter Receiver Combo w/ OSD
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Material: aluminum alloy
Power (ground): DC power input 5v; built-in lithium battery; power consumption: 1.5-3W
Power supply (sky side): DC power input 5V; power consumption: 3-5W
Size (ground side): 68 * 48 * 15 (mm)
Size (sky side): 62 * 32 * 23 (mm)
Weight (ground side): 100g
Weight (sky side): 58g

Output distance (outdoor) standard antenna 1500 meters high gain directional antenna 5KM
Output delay 70-100ms
Band 5.1GHz-5.8GHz
Modulation method OFDM
Input video interface Mini HD Port
Compatible with input video format HD Port full format up to 1920 * 1080P @ 60
Output format 352 * 288 @ 30,720 * 576 @ 30,1280 * 720p @ 30 @ 60,1920 * 1080p @ 30
Compression rate HEVC 3A HD TV broadcast
Number of communication channels 24 channels
Support device phone, tablet, computer (demand WIFI support 802.11n / ac)
Support system Android
Data interface UART data Transparent transmission interface
Control signal output interface 4 sets of PWM signal output PTZ and other external device control
Communication encryption 256-bit encryption
Operating temperature -10 ℃ -60 ℃
Certification Standard FCC Standard
Receiving end:
Size 68mm * 48mm * 15mm
Weight 100G
Interface Micro usb 5v charging interface
Battery built-in 1300mAh polymer lithium-ion battery (for 2.5 hours)

Video transmitter:
Size 62 * 32 * 23
Weight 58G
Power supply 5V DC input
Interface Mini hd Port * 1 / UART * 1 / PWM * 4

1. Anti-interference

2. Low latency
- system delay 80ms;

3. OSD function
- Using pix apm pixw without external OSD, APP can be achieved information overlay function;

4. Use with flight controller
- without any restrictions to use built-in digital transmission APP with pix apm pixw

5. Battery and charge
- Built-in 1300mAh capacity battery on the ground side, the equipment can work continuously for 2 hours.
- Sky-side input voltage 5V (optional wide voltage input module 7-28V)

6. Video input, output format:
- HD Port input;
- 5G WI-FI full HD video output: Android phone, tablet computer can be as the display after connecting the APP;

7. 5G full HD digital transmitter:
- Digital video transmission, input up to 1920 * 1080 @ 60fps, output up to 1920 * 1080 @ 30fps;
- 5G radio frequency technology, the transmission power is 100mw (in line with FCC certification standards);
- the ground side with 5dbi omnidirectional antenna, the measured effective transmission distance is up to 1.5km;
- the ground side with 14dbi directional antenna, the measured effective transmission distance is up to 5km;

Package included:
1 x Insight Transmitter
1 x Insight Receiver

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