iRangeX IRX1 NRF24L01+ Multiprotocol STM32 2.4G TX Module with Antenna and Case - 22.00 €

iRangeX IRX1 NRF24L01+ Multiprotocol STM32 2.4G TX Module with Antenna and Case
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iRangeX IRX1 NRF24L01+ Multiprotocol STM32 2.4G TX Module with Antenna and Case


Brand name: iRangeX
Operating voltage:5-13V
Operating current: <=40mA
Operating frequency: 2.4GHz
RF power: with PA,150mW, Max
MCU: STM32F103C8T6
Weight: 43g

This NRF24L01+ TX module is suitable for Transmitters that run er9X, erSky9X or OpenTx firmwares (like FrSky Taranis, FlySky TH9X and Turnigy 9X family of transmitters). it supports a variety of remote control protocols, such as Bayang WLToys, Hisky, Esky , Assan etc. You can control your model flexibility with it, and you will get much excellent experience with you favorite transmitter.

This module is compatible with the Multi-module project on github. It’s based on an ARM-CM3 microcontroller. It uses a serial protocol to communicate with your transmitter. The serial protocol does not require any hardware modifications, but you should update the firmware on your transmitter to the latest. Then the model protocol selection and binding is done from the Model Settings menu on your transmitter. For telemetry capable transmitters, the telemetry integration is done seamlessly with the transmitter firmware.

How to use:
1. Refer to the website above, update your transmitter with proper firmware.
2. Screw down the antenna of module tightly, and then install TX Module to the module bay of your transmitter.
3. Power on your transmitter, enter Model Settings menu, turn on External RF (if exist this option), you will see the bind and protocol button in the menu, and then you can choose a proper protocol for you model and bind with it now.

1. The jumpers and header attached is used for updating firmware of TX module through USB serial cable. Please remove them for normal use.
2. Make sure to check the ‘multimodule’ option, when you update OpenTX firmware through Companion software.

Package Included:
1 x IRX1 NRF24L01+ TX Module

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