Joyo R-16 Vocal Guitar Pedal Reverb Effect Headphone Output Power IN 48V 9 LAB Phantom Acoustic Reverberator Supports - 149.00 €

Joyo R-16 Vocal Guitar Pedal Reverb Effect Headphone Output Power IN 48V 9 LAB Phantom Acoustic Reverberator Supports
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Item Description:
Vocal lab vocal and acoustic reverberator supports condenser mic Guitar / accompaniment elimination.

Offers fabulous harmonys effects: 9-position vocal harmonys,2 harmonies to the maximum ;together with 3-position user-friendly vocal reverb.
12 Keys (24 major or minor diatonic scales)are available, with Maj/Min toggle switch, up to 2 tracks of harmonys can be added simultaneously.
With 48V phantom power, it supports several types of mic.
Independent adjustable vocal reverb effect, independent footswitches for harmonys and reverb effects respectively.
Headphones jack,withe AUX IN simple MUTE function facilitating practice.
True bypass design minimizes tone loss.
Tone List:
Tone Inspired by
1.Unison:Adjust the MIC Input’s Vocal pitch, and the HARMONYS EFFECTS was delayed for a bit, obtaining Unison effect of many people.
2.Low:4th below
3.High:3rd above
4.Low & High:3rd above, a perfect 4th below
5.Lower:6th below
6.Higher:a perfect 5th above
7.Lower & Higher:6th below, a perfect 5th above
8.Low & Lower: a perfect 4th below, and a 6th below
9.High & Higher: 3rd above, and a perfect 5th above
Brand: JOYO
Instrument Input Impedance: 1MΩ / 6.35mm
MIC Input Impedance: 2.49 KΩ / XLR
Headphone Output Impedance: 32Ω / 3.5mm
MIC Output Impedance: 600Ω / XLR
AUX IN Impedance: 10KΩ / 3.5mm
Working Current: 500mA
Working Voltage:DC 9V(center minus)(not included)
Package size: 15 * 12* 7cm / 5.9 * 4.7 * 2.8in
Package weight: 450g / 15.9 oz
1.Power adapter is not included.
2.Please use the 9V power adapter whose polarity is positive pole outside and negative pole inside. Otherwise, the product may not work properly.
3.As the pedal is freequantly used to being toed down, in order to avoid misoperation, we designed it like that you need put a little bit more pressure to activate the on switch, it is not a defect, but we need to do like that.
Package Includes:
1 * Guitar Effect Pedal
1 * User Manual(English)

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