L7B 3-Axis Anti-shake Foldable Stabilizer Handheld Gimbal for Mobile Phone - 63.00 €

L7B 3-Axis Anti-shake Foldable Stabilizer Handheld Gimbal for Mobile Phone
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Item name: 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal
Mechanical movement range of tilt axis: 160°
Roll axis mechanical movement range: 325°
Pan axis mechanical motion range: 340°
Controllable angle of tilt axis: +30*/-30°
Controllable angle of roll axis: +90*/-90
Controllable angle of pan axis: +240*/-100°
Bluetooth: Yes
APP: Yes
Face tracking: Yes
Load weight: 75~ 280g
Working temperature: 0C*-40C°
Weight: 348g
Working current: 150~3000mA (Standard 1500mA)
Working voltage: 3.4~4.2V (STANDARD 3.7V)
Charging time: 3H
Input voltage: 5V
Working hours: 4.5-5H
Input current: 1A
Scope of application: diagonal ≤180mm; width 55-90mm; thickness ≤9.5mm
Gimbal size: unfold: 260mm* 130mm* 88mm
Folding: 152mm* 110mm46.6mm

-Switch between horizontal and vertical shooting
No need to manually adjust the stand
Switch between horizontal and vertical shooting
-Small and portable, powerful
Possess high-precision physical anti-shake technology
No need to adjust balance, ready to use
Large-capacity lithium battery, long battery life
-Fearless to shake
Specializing in hand shaking, easy shooting
Shoot while walking, always keep the picture balanced and smooth
Easily shoot movies with high-level sense
-Face and object tracking
No delay tracking
Powerful face/object tracking and shooting
Click to lock the target and release your hands
-Foldable design
Just one pocket
The folded length is only 152MM, no
Stress, leave good memories anytime, anywhere
-Inception shooting
The intersection between dream and reality
Make a visual blockbuster
-Hitchcock shot
Zoom shooting, visual and spatial interlaced
Take a sense of picture
-Mobile fixed-point photo
Free hands
Take the pose you want
-Slow motion shooting
Capture fast movements without missing any details
Magnify your beauty
-Time-lapse photography
Compress time, bring bizarre visual enjoyment
Make daily life uncommon

Package included:
1 x L7B 3-Axis Anti-shake Foldable Stabilizer Handheld Gimbal for Mobile Phone


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