Lumenier ParaGuard XT60 6 Port Safe Parallel Charging Board for 1-6S Lipo Battery - 36.00 €

Lumenier ParaGuard XT60 6 Port Safe Parallel Charging Board for 1-6S Lipo Battery
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The Lumenier ParaGuard Parallel Charging Board is the safest way to parallel charge your batteries. With the multitude of safeguards in place on each ParaGuard, it takes the worry out of charging your batteries and gives you peace of mind knowing you have that extra layer of protection.

The ParaGuard comes in multiple versions to best fit your needs and budget. It is available in 6 port, and 4 port versions with XT60 or XT30 connectors. The XT60 version is 1-6s compatible, while the XT30 version is 1-4s compatible.

What does the Lumenier ParaGuard protect you from?
The ParaGuard has multiple layers of built-in protection to prevent a mistake or simple failure from causing unneeded damage to your board, batteries, or even home property.

Protects against plugging in different cell counts at the same time
If you plug in a 3 cell and a 4 cell battery at the same time by accident the main fuse bus will blow from the high surge generated during plugin. The buzzer will alarm notifying you of the issue audibly, while the LED will also light up visually alerting you. This will protect your battery and board, and you can simply replace the fuse with a new one.
Protects against incorrect plugin order of the balance cable
Sometimes if you're not paying attention you can plug in one of your balance cables in the wrong position causing a short. No worries with the ParaGuard! It will automatically trip a self-resetting fuse and visually light up an LED alerting you to the issue. Simply unplug and re-plug the cable in the correct position and you’re good to go.
Protects against power surges
The automotive replaceable fuses protect against high current surges. This will protect your board and batteries in events where there is a high current short during a battery failure. Also it will protect you plug a 2s and a 3s battery into the board at the same time by accident. (Do not attempt this on purpose please!) one of these fuses fail, you can simply replace it with a new one.
Safety First!
With parallel charging safety is always a major concern, and you should always take it seriously and never leave a charging battery unattended. Checking individual cells of every single battery before connecting them together on the parallel board is extremely important! If you see a cell's voltage that is not like the rest, do not charge it with the others in parallel (We suggest a difference within 0.1V range to charge together). We have also provided replaceable fuses between the main power leads to aid in preventing surges from one pack to another. If a fuse is blown the onboard buzzer will audibly alarm alerting you that there is an issue.

Learn how to safely parallel charge your batteries from Oscar Liang here.

Max Input Current: 60A
Max Output Current: 30A / Battery
Max Balance Current: 2A
Cell Count Support: 1-6s
Charge Connector Protection: Each XT60 port has its own 15A Automotive fuse with LED short indicator
Buzzer Alarm: 80dB or higher audible buzzer alarm that will trigger when one or more main connectors is shorted/break
Battery Balancing Connector Protection: Self-resetting thermal fuses between every balancing pin with LED short indication. (36 self-resetting fuses)
Led Indicators: 90 total LED indicators on the board!

Packaging included:
1 x Lumenier ParaGuard - Safe Parallel Charging Board (XT-60 - 6 Port)
1 x Balance cable (200mm)
1 x XT-60 female to female cable (200mm)
1 x XT-60 Male to Banana cable (150mm)


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