Universal Camera Cages 1/4 3/8 Screw Hole Mount Holder For Tripod GoPro Underwater Shooting SK-GHA6 - 39.00 €

Universal Camera Cages 1/4 3/8 Screw Hole Mount Holder For Tripod GoPro Underwater Shooting SK-GHA6
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Camera Cages 1/4 3/8 Screw Hole Universal Holder Base Mount For Tripod GoPro XiaoYi SJ SK-GHA6

The Sevenoak SK-GHA6 is a video Camera cage specifically designed for the action cameras in the waterproof shooting. It protects and stabilizes the camera while shooting underwater and make your video more stable in a fluent way. The included wrist strap will keep the cage from falling off or stripping away. The SK-GHA also provides multiple attachment points for available accessories such as a handle, cold shoe, or on camera light or monitor. The cage is made from aluminum for a smooth, corrosion resistant finish. The action camera fits into the cage, and the included fastening screw secures the camera in place.
The SK-GHA6 camera cage design allows you to access all functions of the camera, while providing multiple accessory mounting points, which the action camera lack. It features multiple 3/8" and 1/4'' threaded mounting holes, for attaching camera plates, or mounting to a tripod.
Attaching accessories to the cage instead of the camera body itself protects your camera body from stress caused by the weight of the accessories.
Perfect little tool for action camera users for underwater shootings, travel, daily video record, micro film etc.
Video Cage for action cameras;
Solid Aluminum construction, durable and built to last
Built with two cold shoe mounts
Comes with secure wrist strap
Max load capacity: 11 oz / 5.0 KG;
Multiple 1/4'' and 3/8'' threaded screw holes;
Compatible with most action cameras;
Can be used for underwater shooting;
Easy to assemble or disassemble,convenience for you to carry while travelling
Package Included
1 x Sevenoak SK-GHA6 Action Camera Video Cage
1 x Secure Wrist Strap
Note: When it work for action cameras, the mount adapter is needed and it is sold separately.

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