X-STAR XP-7A 5g ESC Electronic Speed Control Support 1S-2s(3v-9v) for RC Airplane Fixed-wing - 13.00 €

X-STAR XP-7A 5g ESC Electronic Speed Control Support 1S-2s(3v-9v) for RC Airplane Fixed-wing
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Input voltage: 3V-9V (supports 1-2 lithium batteries)
Continuous working current: 7A
Instantaneous current: 9A (less than 10 seconds)
BEC output: 1A / 5V (linear mode)
Dimensions (length x width x thickness): 22x12x5 mm
Weight: 5 g
1. Adopt high-speed, small-sized MCU with powerful functions.
2. With low voltage protection; over-temperature protection; throttle signal loss protection; motor starting protection; power-on self-test and so on.
3, soft start, 4 seconds super soft start function for helicopter. When starting the helicopter, there is no obvious impact and tail flick.
4. It has good starting performance, good throttle linearity and fast throttle response.
5. Very good low speed performance.
6. The maximum supported speed is: 240,000 revolutions (2 magnetic poles), 80,000 revolutions (6 magnetic poles) and 40,000 revolutions (12 magnetic poles).
7. MCU and BEC use different voltage regulators, which are independent of each other, which improves anti-interference ability.
8. Built-in linear BEC or switch mode BEC.
9. Multiple parameters of the governor can be set through the programming card or remote control.
10. The programming card adopts LCD display, which is convenient and intuitive.
11. The low-voltage protection threshold and starting power can be quantified and accurately set through the programming card.
12. The throttle stroke can be set to be compatible with different receivers.
13. 3 throttle curves are available. Motor reverse can be set.
14. 7A, 12A ESC supports 1 lithium battery, the minimum working voltage is as low as 3V.
Parameters that can be set through the programming card:
1. Low voltage cut-off voltage: Setting range: 00.0V-49.9V, default is 00.0V. According to the battery used, it can be set to any value within the range as the low voltage protection voltage.
Note: If the setting value is 00.0V, the system will automatically identify the number of lithium batteries currently used when powering up, and calculate the low-voltage protection value. 2.85V is the protection voltage of each battery
For example, for 3 lithium batteries, the low-voltage protection value is: 2.85V x 3 = 8.55V.
2. Brake type: three options: no brake, soft brake, hard brake. The default is no braking. Soft brakes have a longer braking time and hard brakes have a shorter braking time. After braking,
The motor stops, but the brake remains until the motor is started again. The soft brake and hard brake options are designed for gliders, especially suitable for folding propeller gliders.
3. Electronic timing: three options: low timing, middle timing, high timing. The default is the middle angle. Low timing is suitable for motors with large inductance and low speed; high timing is suitable for inductance
External rotor motor with small volume and high KV value. For some high-KV motors, if the motor shakes at high speed during use, it needs to be changed to a high timing.
4. Start mode: three options: fast start, soft start, super soft start. The default is fast start. Fast start and soft start are suitable for fixed-wing aircraft.
Both soft start and ultra-soft start are 4 seconds extra soft start. During the 4 second start, the propeller speed slowly rises, and during soft start, the speed rises slightly faster.
The ultra-soft start is slower, which is especially suitable for helicopters. When set to soft mode or super soft mode, if the motor stops, if within 4 seconds
If the motor is restarted, it is a fast start; if it is more than 4 seconds, it is an extra soft start for 4 seconds.
5. Cut-off type: Two options: reduce power (soft cut-off), immediate shutdown (hard cut-off). The default is reduced power. Protection when the battery voltage is too low.
Choose to shut down immediately. When low voltage occurs, immediately shut down the motor.
Choose to reduce power consumption. If the voltage is too low, the output power will be gradually reduced to 50% of the current power (that is, the power when there is no low voltage).
6. Throttle curve selection: three options: CURV1, CURV2, CURV3. Different throttle curves are used to meet different applications.
7. Starting power percentage setting: It is used to set the starting power. Setting range: 00% -39%, the default is + 00%. With a default of + 00%,Starting power is automatically determined by the system based on the throttle position. If it is not the default value, it will be treated as the set value.
8. Motor reverse setting: forward and reverse selection. When the motor rotates in the reverse direction, there is no need to adjust the wire. Changing this setting can change the motor direction.

Package included:
1 x X-STAR XP-7A 5g ESC Electronic Speed Control Support 1S-2s(3v-9v) for RC Airplane Fixed-wing

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