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4 axis robot arm with a small gripper and teach function. (In fact: it is a 3 axis robot)
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Arduino mini pro 5V (Uno, Nano .. what ever...)
4 * micro servos 180degrees
4 * 22k potentiometer (10K is okey!)
NmH Battery 4.8V (The Arduino cannot power the servos)
Wires, Button, Switch
Balsa wood, Metal, Plastic
Zip Ties and Glue
Teach mode: After a reset the robot arm follows the teach in arm while simple mapping the analog inputs every 25ms to the servo motors. Pressing the button stores each servo position in a array.
Play mode: The sketch reads the array step by step and and moves the robot arm. For cool loocking movements i added a routine calculates different micro steps for each servo to have moving start and end sync on all axis. Also added a ramp for soft increase/decrease velocity. Shorter travel distances the robot does slow, longer distances with faster speed.
Play Mode version 1.1 The gripper input is used to set the delay (0,1,3,15,60,300 seconds) after a loop is done. The switch (it was left from the project start) pauses the robot.
Technical details the code and discussion:
The idea for this project is taken from - Stoerpeak made me do it! -
Music: Ticon - Don't Tell Me I Sing Like A Robot
Additional video material with nice moves:
New project online: ZENrobot
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