External Audio Sound Card Microphone Live Broadcast Sound Card for Phone Computer PC Live Sound - 24.00 €

External Audio Sound Card Microphone Live Broadcast Sound Card for Phone Computer PC Live Sound
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● Two live broadcasting devices can be connected at the same time.
● Simultaneous Live Broadcasting on Two Mobile Phones + Computer/Mobile Phone Accompaniment
● Mobile Phone and computer simultaneous live broadcast + Mobile Phone accompaniment
● One Mobile Phone Live + Computer/Mobile Accompaniment
● Computer Live + Mobile Phone Accompaniment
● Monitor knob to adjust the size of the earphone monitor.
● KTV, anchors , singing three modes of singing
● bluetooth function opens actively and connects with mobile phone Accompaniment music can be input into the sound card.
☆ It can be used for mobile phone live broadcast, computer live broadcast, WeChat, QQ, Tik Tok, phone voice funny chat.
☆ The voice-activated LED lights flash, and 8 special effects change follow your heart.
☆ 12 kinds of electronic sounds Applanse, Interest, A-tune, Hush, Kiss, laughter, Awkward, Apit, etc., comes with 8 kinds of voice changer, independent adjustment, dodge, reverb, bass, A-midtone, High-pitch, Dubbing.
☆ With a headset you are a professional anchor, no need to use a microphone, gain more fans.
☆ 2 Phone connect port, 1 Mic port, 1 USB port, 1 Monitor port, 1 Dubbing port
☆ Mini and compact, easy to use and carry.
- Battery Capacity: 1800mA
- Charging Power supply: DC5V/1A
- Channel: Two channels
- Size: Approx. 168 x 90x 20mm/ 6.61 x 3.54 x 0.79"
Package Included:
1x Live Sound Card
1x USB Cable
2x Phone Line
1x Audio Line
1x English Manual

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