Hobbyporter WT8 2.4Ghz Mode2 Transmitter with Receiver for Tinyhawk TinyhawkS TRASHCAN Mobula7 UR65 CineBee - 30.00 €

Hobbyporter WT8 2.4Ghz Mode2 Transmitter with Receiver for Tinyhawk TinyhawkS TRASHCAN Mobula7 UR65 CineBee
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Hobbyporter WT8 2.4Ghz Mode2 Transmitter with Receiver for Tinyhawk TinyhawkS TRASHCAN Mobula7 UR65 CineBee

This product is a professional radio for drone racer. Achieved high precision control and the best product for FPV flying. It provides not only the best control experience but also upgrade in a safety way. We strongly advice to take out the propellers before any upgrade or fine tuning. Make sure DO NOT fly in any crowds /breakable/flammable area.

Brand: Hobbyporter
Model: WT8
Mode: Mode2
Frequency Hopping: Latest FHSS(64 points,3.6ms)
Channels: 6 channels
Resolution: 4096
Transmission: ≤100mw (20dbm)
Distance: >1000m (depends on actual situation)
Working Voltage:4.2-6v(AAA1.5v*4)
Working current: 100-150mA
Color: Graffiti/Flame/Camouflage Color
Application:Helicopter,fixed wing, multi rotor,robot,car,boat


Model: WT8S
Frequency: 2.4Ghz
Frequency Hopping: latest FHSS(64 points, 3.6ms)
Channels: 8 channels
Resolution: 4096
Working voltage:3.8-6v
Working current: 70mA
Protocol: compatible with Sbus,ppm
Application:helicopter,fixed wing,multi rotor,robot,car

If warning alert signal happens on the radio and the plane! Please check your system carefully before taking off. Please make sure the initial interface is showed to avoid any change in setting accidentally.Turn off the receiver power first then radio power off.To avoid failsafe to hurt anybody.

Nor/Rev set up:
Remarks: every channel Nor/Rev will be sound and LED indicated

Set up Steps:
-Turn On: short press the power switch and keep lowest stick
-Enter set up mode:long press Ch5/6 button simultaneously for 10s
-Throttle reverse set up:keep the throttle stick at center and lower the stick to reverse the throttle once
-Aileron, Elevator,Rudder. Move the stick to desired reverse channel
-Nor/Rev Ch5/6. Long press the desire reverse channel for 1s
-Cancel Nor/Rev set up, Long press the Ch5/6 for 3s

Communication Protocol:
-Sbus/ppm selectable: Led flash rapidly when bind switch is pressed, LED keep solid light on when binding succeed within 30s is Sbus. If Led flash slowly when binding succeed within 30s is ppm
-Receiver signal indication: Normal Sbus signal Led keep solid light on, Normal ppm signal Led flash once every 10s, Led off when no signal is detected.

Set up steps:
-Turn on the radio and press binding switch, enter pairing mode when Led flash rapidly
-Turn on the radio, Long press the binding switch by 3s until Blue Led flash slowly to hear a sound “Beep”then release the button. Blue Led flash rapidly to enter the pairing mode
-Binding succeeded when the Led flash from rapidly to solid light on. Reboot the receiver. Press binding switch to complete the pairing

Receiver Antenna:
-Keep antenna upright or it will lower the range of reception
-Keep both antenna in 90 degree
-Carbon fibre and metal components of the model will harmful to the reception of the receiver.Under this circumstances, the best antenna position should be keeping away from them and put correct angle of the antenna to obtain better reception
-Negative: Negative to ground
-Positive: Connect to 5v power
-S signal: Sbus/ppm output signal

Package included:
1 x WT8 Transmitter
1 x WT8S Receiver

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