SKYRC 540 Race 1/10 Brushless Alloy Shell RC Car Motor - 84.00 €

SKYRC 540 Race 1/10 Brushless Alloy Shell RC Car Motor
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540 race motor
1/10 brushless motor
CNC technology, T6 aluminum alloy shell, high conductivity pure copper coil
High-power welding piece, replaceable rotor, super hot-pressed NdFeB magnet
Super heat dissipation
The shape is more dazzling, the hot dissipation is better, the shell adopts multiple hollow design, it is more conducive to heat dissipation of the motor, and the thermal conductive silicone gasket is installed between the tail cap and the stator to help transfer the heat inside the motor to the shell quickly. , Effectively reduces the temperature of the motor, and can output more power.


CNC process, T6 aluminum alloy housing
High conductivity pure copper coil
High power welding piece
Replaceable rotor
Super hot-pressed NdFeB magnet
Seiko manufacturing, low loss
Double sense line interface
Adjustable angle
Applicable sense / no sense of ESC
Meet IFMAR, ROAR requirements

Removable structural design
The motor adopts a detachable structure design (partly detachable), which facilitates daily cleaning and maintenance, effectively prolongs the service life of the motor and improves the working efficiency of the motor. Built-in Hall sensor, with high-precision rotor with balanced balance, to ensure the motor has excellent linearity, allowing the controller to control the car as he likes.

Adjustable angle

Loosen the three screws of the back cover of the motor to adjust the angle of the motor. Adjust the angle you need according to the scale on the back cover. Adjustment is completed. Remember to tighten the back cover screws. Adjusting the advance angle of the motor can change the power output range and characteristics to achieve the best performance. Adjusting the angle of advance will increase the speed of the motor while the temperature of the motor increases and the efficiency decreases.

Suitable for all kinds of mainstream models
The ARES PRO V2 motor is compatible with TS120, TS150, TS160, TS50 and other ESCs. It has a wide range of vehicle suitability and provides enough power for the car. The motor and ESC can effectively use both functions to provide accurate Reliable handling performance.

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