TransTEC Lightning Race 215mm 5mm 3K Full Carbon Fiber Frame

This is now my must have frame for lightweights. It has 5mm arms! with good strong aluminium shell for all gear inside, nice battery strap place. easy to assemble and easy to access all gear inside. Standard camera with standard lens will hide behind aluminium shell, camera with gopro lens like Runcam Owl2 will stick up little but not much. Steel great frame, as other similar would be GepRc Leopard but it's weight is 150gr compared to this 80gr!


Brand name: TransTEC
Item name: Lingtning race frame kit
Wheelbase: 215mm
weight: 79g
Color: blue, silver (option)
Bottom plate: 5mm 3K full carbon
Upper shell: aviation aluminum-alloy
Screws: 12.9 Class YFS screw/ TransTEC T Screws
LED board: 5V 100MA 0.2W*3 

TransTEC 79Gr frame:

AIO FC F3 with ESC: (don't forget to use plastic/rubber standoffs)

AIO FC F4 with ESC:'t forget to use plastic/rubber standoffs)

Matek VTX:

2017-09-04 09:20:27


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