DIATONE Ripper R690 Wing 690mm - AKA Hee Wing




Model: Ripper R690 Wing

Material: EPP / ABS /Carbon Fibre

Size: Wingspan 690mm   Height: 88mm   Length: 415mm

Weight: 150g (epp-30) / 190g (epp-20)

Take off weight: 350g~750g

CF Szie:

4. 7mm*3. 2mm*400mm (OD * ID * Length, wing tandem bar) 

7mm*5mm*170mm (OD * ID * Length, wing embedded stiffener rod) 

5mm*1mm*220mm (Width * Thickness * Length, Inset Reinforcements on Wings)


Body space: 

Battery compartment: 175mm*75mm*55mm (maximum size)

ESC compartment: 70mm*38mm*20mm (maximum size)

Camera: 20mm*21mm*30mm (maximum size)

Camera protection ring: outer diameter 17. 5   inner diameter 14mm / 15mm,  height 12mm Material: ABS

Minimum flying speed: <27km/h

Maximum flight speed: >200+km / h



Recommend Parts (not included):

Motor: 2205/2350KV

Propeller: 5*5e/6*4e Click here

Battery: 3-4s Click here

ESC: 40A Click here

Radio: Jumper T-Lite 16CH Hall Sensor Gimbals Click here



Over 100km/h, a lens cap must be installed to prevent excessive air from entering and detaching the hatch.

Maximum Endurance time: >70min

Maximum Cruising range: >45km


Design Feature:

* Tailored for DJI high-definition digital transmission, equipped with two dedicated bases for digital transmission and simulation, taking into account high strength and light weight

* Thick wing shape, can not only slow and long endurance, but also ensure the maneuverability of high-speed maneuvering flight

* The cabin adopts a dual-track design, and the aircraft's center of gravity can be adjusted at will

* A new way of fixing the propeller, extremely lightweight

* The light-transmitting design of the taillight ensures that the pursuit of the target is clearly visible, and the fun is unlimited

* The independent detachable lens plug prevents excessive airflow into the warehouse.

* Four magnetic structure, firmly lock the cabin cover

* The wing adopts three embedded carbon fiber rods with different angles and a high-strength design, which can easily cope with large loads and high-speed flight.

* Horizontal/Vertical Two battery placement methods

* Small wingspan, large space, worry-free placement of electronic equipment

* The unobstructed intake fluid design ensures that the electronic equipment in the cabin always works coolly


Note: This Plane comes in Empty KIT Only, NOT Included any electronic parts.


Package inlcuded:

1x DIATONE Ripper R690 Wing 690mm Wingspan EPP FPV RC Airplane Aircraft KIT



Available here at BangGood only for 69.99$ (promo price)



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