DustX58 - micro Brushless FPV fun! Only 26grams!

This is one of the smallest brushless FPV quadcopter at this day!


Package contents of Eachine DustX58

DustX58 not only Indoor FPV quadcopter

Going FPV indoors it’s a winner, small light, maneuverable, at this size though there is a reduced wind resistance, and the Dust X58 will drift under a breeze. It also capable of fast outdoor flights!

Protected camera holder


The video antenna is sticking out the top but soldered directly to the transmitter very well, it's not cleaver type antenna, so this pigtail antenna will hold crashes better and weights less.

The quality of video signal is great, no glitches at all in range of 40 meters (but be aware of Rx control problems with obstacles)

When going FPV this small weight is a factor, the PAL:720X540/NTSC:640X480 resolution FPV cam is tiny and very lightweight. You can easily see obstacles with it, even DVR footage is great.

Eachine have improved camera protection and used higher performance brushless motors in this DustyX58 quadcopter.

Beat up any brushed tiny whoops in races

Looks like Eachine planing to release bunch of micro and mini quadcopters for tiny races, with brushless motors and similar to brushed weight, this type of quadcopter will be a winners!
Now they released micro size 16x16 and 16x18 size Flight controllers and ESC boards.

Like flying outside?

This DustX58 is great for both inside and outside, in no windy day you can do many fun stuff with this quadcopter.

In video i used it on tea brake for practice waiting for rain to stop, it's so small and funny everybody was wondering how it performs, well even with half charge batteries it performed marvelous


The frame is carbon with plastic and 3D PLA part, and yeat its very lightweight. Carbon is light and won’t bend out of shape, but can crack if crashed hard enough to hard object, like wall or sealing, so you can bash it but in nice way.

It survived several dog atacks =)

Get yours here https://www.banggood.com/Racer,Lt-p-1143432.html

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