3B-R Mini 128 Frame Combo with 1606 3500Kv motors


1) Advanced Structure: The same design concept for the 3B-R 214 competition frame is used on the drone. In order to ensure the strength of the frame and to improve the appearance, the frame structure is CNC-machined by 3K-3mm high quality carbon fibre base plate.
2) Low Drag: The frame has a high-front low-back slider design to reduce wind drags and improve air speed. The unique front camera position provides the pilots with a much better vision.
3) Enhanced Power System: With the 1606 high efficiency brushless motor and newly designed GEMFAN propeller, the power-weight ratio of this drone goes up to 12:1, which delivers insane flying experience.
4) Professional setup: The equipment that come with the kit, such as the camera, airframe and props are carefully selected to ensure better flying experience and video quality.
5) Accessaries: The drone is capable of carrying a small HD camera such as GOPRO SESSION or RUNCAM 2-3, Foxeer BOX.

Basic parameters:

1) Flight Weight(Without Battery): 156g
2) Motor mounting axis distance:128mm
3) Bottom Plate:3mm,side and top plate:1.5mm

Main parts:

1) Drone Kit: CNC-machined metal pillar×2, base plate 3mm×1, side frame×2 and top plate 1.5mm
2) Power System: 3B-R 1606 (3500KV) brushless motor CWX2, CCWX2, GF3035×3P×4 propellers
3) 1×RUNCAM MINI camera, 1xAntenna,feeder pallet

What you will need to complete the drone:

1) Battery: 450-700 mAh>70C
2) ESC: 25A ESC X4, F3 or newer flight control(recommended 25A tower-type suite with mounting hole 20×20mm)
3) 5,8G VTX, 25-600mW,RXs


Spare Parts:











Gear & stuff

Combo here: http://api.racer.lt/qZDo
RunCam Micro Swift: http://api.racer.lt/qZBr
RunCam Mini Swift: http://api.racer.lt/qZif
RunCam HD2: http://api.racer.lt/qZXe
RunCam split: http://api.racer.lt/qZEv
Q95 Awsome: http://api.racer.lt/qZAV
Great new Runcam Eagle 2: http://api.racer.lt/qZRr
Detachable Eachine Fury wing: http://api.racer.lt/qZOr

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