KingKong FlyEgg Aluminium 130mm quadcopter With RunCam Swift Micro

Ultra silent quadcopter!

Fancy KingKong Fly EGG with aluminium shell quadcopter at 130mm frame and 10A ESC 2-3S and OLD pikoBLX without OSD.


Unpacking: [00:00:10] Flights: [01:42] Wing - deep In to the Sky: [6:44]

Upgraded to Runcam Swift Micro

Very nice fly with BF 3.1.7 (comes with 3.1.6). Very quite, motors works so silent what you won't hear them in a few meters. But be aware what you need to put some stickers under motor mount, so when your motor get's hot, and looses from shaft, you won't loose your tiny 1.5mm Shaft in a grass! that happen to me :(
you can also add some locnut on shaft at propeller mount (props can brake in air for that)

Overall very nice quad, with plenty of power, 2s 300-450mAh is enough to fly fast and to do some acrobatics within 2 - 3 min. For even faster fly you can use 3S! But don't over heat motors, as shaft is loose.

Next step would be to somehow insert RunCam Swift micro (maybe V2 with voltage OSD) inside of Aluminum shell, with some drilling hope that will work, as then video will be so perfect!

KingKong 130mm KIT:
KingKong Fly Egg 130 frame only:
GT1105 7000kV motors:
GT1105 7800kV motors:
RunCam Swift Micro:
RunCam Swift Micro v2 with Voltage OSD:
2840 Propellers:
KingKong 100mm version:
Aluminium shell to drill space for RunCam Swift micro!:
Eachine Fury Wing:
Awsome q95:


2017-08-10 15:16:01


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